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10 / 31 / 2008

01. Vanessa once wanted to audition for “American Idol.”

02. Vanessa’s song “Say OK” was used to advertise the 2nd season of ABC Family’s Hit Original Series, “Lincoln Heights.”

03. Vanessa won the “Choice Female Breakout star” on the 2007 Teen Choice Awards. The “High School Musical” cast also won “Choice TV Movie.”

04. Although Vanessa sings in the duet “Still There For Me” with Corbin Bleu, she did not actually go into the the recording studio with him but insted sang it, record it, and then the song was given to Corbin to sing.

05. She was named “The Heartbreaker” in Disney Channel’s first DC games in 2006.

06. Her first solo album “V” debuted at #24 on the US Billboard album chart with over 34,000 copies sold during it’s first week.

07. Vanessa got her first gig when her friend couldn’t go to an audition for a commercial and asked if Vanessa could go instead.

08. Vanessa’s income last year was two million dollars.

09. Vanessa started dating Zac Efron after filming “High School Musical” on and off but mostly on.

10. Vanessa Hudgens went to Guajome Park Academy when she was in 6th grade in 2001.

11. Her favourite song to perform is “Let’s Dance,” she says that she and her dancers have so much fun dancing to that song.

12. Despite rumors, Vanessa’s parents are not divorced.

13. Her father is Irish and American Indian, and her mother is Chinese, Filipino, and Latino.

14. Her sister was almost smashed. Vanessa was almost in the middle of this, for she witnessed her sister almost getting killed. She tries hard to forget this.

15. Singer Chris Brown says he has a crush on Vanessa Anne Hudgens.

16. She once got mobbed while shopping in Hollister with Ashley Tisdale and Miley Cyrus. They closed the store down for the three of them so they could shop.

17. Her best friend Ashley Tisdale describes her as “thoughtful, trustworthy, kind, and considerate.”

18. She is also known as Vanessa Anne Hutchinson.

19. Vanessa’s role model is her mother. She also admires the late Natalie Wood as a role model.

20. While filming “High School Musical,” during the “Stick To The Status Quo” song, at the end she is to throw the chili fries on Sharpay (Ashley Tisdale). But when filming it took 6 times to get it right.

21. Vanessa’s first financial spluge was when she was in London and bought a Limited Edition Dior purse.

22. Vanessa beat out Diana DeGarmo, the “American Idol” Season 3 runner up, for her lead in “High School Musical.”

23. Vanessa’s nickname is “Nessa,” she says all of her friends call her that, but she also says that she is also called “Van,” but that only her parents can call her that.

24. The name Vanessa is of Greek origin. The name Vanessa means “Butterfly.”

25. Vanessa’s favorite foods are chocolate and sushi, she only eats cereals if they are made from whole grains and she can’t stand carrots, they make her gag.

26. Her duet, “Breaking Free” with Zac Efron rapidly became #4 on the Billboard charts.

27. She moved away from Oregon because the small town she lived in failed to accommodate enough opportunities for her to flourish in the entertainment industry.

28. She auditioned for “High School Musical” with the song “Angels” by Robbie Williams.

29. “Let Go” was supposed to be the second single from her debut album. However, it was switched to “Say OK” at the last minute.

30. Her first job was acting in a local production of “The Wizard of Oz” where she played a munchkin and was paid $50.

31. In both her first two films – “Thirteen” (2003) and “Thunderbirds” (2004) – she appeared alongside Brady Corbet.

32. Her musical theater roles include leads in: “Evita,” “Carousel,” “The Wizard of Oz,” “The King & I,” “The Music Man,” “Cinderella,” “Damn Yankees,” “The Hunchback of Notre Dame,” and “The Little Mermaid,” among others.

33. She is a fan of horror movies.

34. Vanessa is good friends with Ashley Tisdale, Zac Efron, and Corbin Bleu, along with Alexa Nikolas, Kellan Rhude, Brenda Song, and Miley Cyrus.

35. She is best known for portraying the role of Gabriella Montez in “High School Musical” (2006) and its related sequels.

36. Her favorite car is a Porsche Carerra GT.

37. Her favorite kind of jeans are Frankie B jeans.

38. She has been home-schooled since the seventh grade.

39. Her favorite subject in school was science.

40. Her song “Whatever Will Be” is really a song that reflects on her motto.

41. Both sets of her grandparents were musicians during the Big Band era.

42. In June 2006, she signed a recording contract with Hollywood Records.

43. The first star from “High School Musical” (2006) to release a solo album in the wake of the success of “High School Musical” (2006). The name of her debut solo album is called “V” which stands for Vanessa, but also could stand for variety since it is a mix of pop, pop rock, dance electronic, and ballads. The album was released in the United States on September 26, 2006.

44. Recorded her first solo album, “V,” in just under two months.

45. Her debut album has officially sold 500,000 copies. Therefore, it was certified gold for the first time in 2007.

46. The second single from “V,” her first solo album is called “Say OK.” It was released on January 12, 2007 on US radio stations. There are two versions of the video for this song. The first one was from the “High School Musical: The Concert” tour. The second version was filmed at a beach in Los Angeles, California and a bowling alley.

47. Her first official single from her debut album “V” is called “Come Back To Me.” The song and the video both premiered on August 25, 2006 in the United States. The highest chart position it achieved on the US Billboard charts is 55.

48. In 2007, she became the spokesperson for Neutrogena products.

49. She desires to study business when she reaches college.

50. Vanessa is the only person in “High School Musical” (2006) to have a solo song on the “High School Musical” soundtrack.

51. She was offered a role in the remake of the movie “Prom Night” (1980), that was offered to Fernanda Romero; but turned it down to work on her music.

52. Her favorite dance number from “High School Musical 2” (2007) is “Work This Out.”

53. She was ranked #12 on the Maxim magazine Hot 100 of 2008 list.

54. She is face for brand Ecko Boys & Girls in Brazil.

55. She is ranked #10 in Cosmopolitan magazine’s best dressed celebs of 2008.

56. On December 12, 2008, Hudgens was ranked #20 in the list of Forbes “High Earners Under 30.”

57. In January 2009, Teen Vogue magazine included Hudgens in the list of the January’s ten best dressed in the fifth position.

58. Vanessa learned to play the guitar while filming “Bandslam” (2009).

59. She ranked number 42 at FHM’s sexiest women in the world of 2009.

60. She was included in People’s annual “100 Most Beautiful People” 2008 and 2009 lists.

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